Monday, October 30, 2006

Retrieving Your BloggerBeta Blog ID

Some people are wondering how to programatically get the blogID that the Google Data API page keeps referring to. I'm not sure if this is the best way or not, but I've had success using the following method in Python:

def getBlogID(uri):
    import httplib2, re
    con = httplib2.Http()
    response, content = con.request(uri, 'GET')
    match ='blogID=(\d*)', content)
    if match:
        print "BlogID retrieval failed."

It's quite simple actually, it takes your blog's URL as a parameter (as in, and sends an empty GET request to it. The response returned contains a string that matches the regular expression blogID=(\d*). That is, the string "blogID=" followed by a bunch of numbers. That bunch of numbers is the blogID. The function shown above extracts that number with a regular expression, and returns it.

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