Saturday, October 14, 2006

See the Vim-BloggerBeta Plugin in Action

I made a funky flash screencast of my vim-blogger plugin in action for all to see :). The screencast demonstrates saving a draft post, retrieving a list of all posts on the blog, editing a saved post, publishing a post, adding labels to a post, and finally deleting a post. The swf file ended up being quite large, but hopefully managable, and since Blogger doesn't allow hosting such files (yet?), I have to host it on my slow home server for now. Let me know if it is unbearably slow.

I do plan on releasing the plugin some day soon so all Vim/Blogger-beta users can make use of it, but first it needs some serious testing. The last thing I want to happen is for me to make it available too early, then have somebody pooch their data because of it. That and the thing is a bloody mess. I wrote it while discovering how to use the Blogger GData API, and the code shows it. Once it's in a safe state that I don't mind putting my name on, I'll make it public ;p.

Until then, enjoy the screencast, and leave comments or suggestions if you have any!

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