Thursday, December 14, 2006

Version 0.3 of td Released

You thought this day would never come. The highly anticipated 0.3 release of the td command line task list manager is finally ready for public release! There have been a few fixes and additions to the feature list. I keep adding features here and there as I find things lacking during daily use. Here is a list of what's been added since I rolled the 0.2 tarball:

  • Support for 'hidden' tasks has been added.
  • Tasks can be grouped by and assigned to projects.
  • You can keep details or notes associated with your tasks.
  • Support for dark or light console backgrounds.
  • Choose between terse or more verbose "feedback" from commands.
  • Man pages are added for both td(1) itself, and the new tdrc(5) configuration file.

I think that's pretty much it. To be honest I can't really remember what was in 0.2 to begin with. The tarball can be downloaded from here, and the original post has been updated to reflect the new features.

Hopefully my server can handle the huge amounts of downloads expected over the next few days. If not, I may need to seek hosting elsewhere ;). If you have any bug reports or feature requests, please send them to me at my gmail address with username "dcraven". General comments can either be emailed to me or left in the comments section of this blog. Either way, they are appreciated.


  1. I'm still shying away from the autotools... here's an ebuild:

  2. @jason,

    Nice! I'll make an entry pointing to it and an Ubuntu deb file :). How far do you think we can take this? lol