Thursday, December 07, 2006

td Gets Project Stuff

Borrowing both the idea and the syntax from here, I have added similar project functionality to td. Now you can assign a task to a project by including a word in the description that is prefixed with 'p:'. For example, the following command will add a task to the "Office" project.

$ td add p:Office Phone that guy about the thing.

The difference between the implementation in td and the one at is that, in the above example, the task will appear in any displayed list as "Phone that guy about the thing.". That is, the "p:Office" part is removed. I think this keeps the descriptions a little cleaner.

Of course, this demanded an new command be added to the arsenal. That new command is proj. If the command td proj is given at the command-line, then a list of projects containing tasks is displayed. If however you provide a specific project like td proj Office, then a list of incomplete tasks belonging to that project is returned. The returned list is numbered as if a list of all incomplete tasks were requested, however, the tasks not belonging to the specified project are filtered out. To remove a task from a project, use the rep command, and exclude the prefixed word from the new description.

There is no tarball of td that includes this stuff just yet, so if you want to try it, you can check it out of the SVN repository located at for now. Just like a good repository should, it also includes some glaring bugs that were found in the 0.2 tarball :).

UPDATE (Dec 14, 2006): I've started to use bazaar as a version control system for the td source code now. I've not used it before, so it sounded like fun. The bazaar branch can be found at I hope it works.

In the case where find a bug, or even have a feature request, email a bug report to me at dcraven at gmail dot com.

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