Sunday, November 19, 2006

Replacing Mono Applications

Since Novell admits to violating software patents in their code, and points at you and I for using offending software, I'm making an attempt to partially rid my machines of it. First to go, of course, is anything related to Mono. This means Banshee, F-Spot and Beagle need replacements. Replacing Banshee won't be a big deal in my case, since I don't really listen to music on my computer very often anyways. Also there must be a ton of music players out there. I think QuodLibet wins in this category for now just because it's written in Python.

F-Spot will be a little more difficult for me to get rid of since I've become quite accustomed to using it. For the time being, however, I'll switch back to using the quite capable gThumb. Also since F-Spot uses a weird format for storing data (meaningless directory structures etc), there will be some effort required in converting it to something that makes sense to use with gThumb.

Beagle has already been replaced by the much faster, leaner, and command line friendly Tracker. This was a switch that would have happened regardless of Novell's actions, so I've got no problems there. I'll not go into great detail about Tracker now since this would probably warrant its own post, but this is a project that I hope has a bright future.

Removing Mono and all (I think) related packages from your Ubuntu install is as easy as:

sudo aptitude remove libmono0

That will remove all kinds of stuff, including the ubuntu-desktop package. Read the list of packages before pressing Y so that you have no suprises. As of Edgy, Ubuntu ships with Mono since Tomboy and F-Spot are in the default desktop configuration. I am curious to see where Canonical takes this, if anywhere at all. It's probably about time I moved on anyways.

PS: To all of you who are pointing at me, laughing, and shrieking "I told you so!", yeah yeah I know... I guess I should have seen this coming.


  1. I don't know how FC6 is, but being a Debian guy at heart my experiments with FC5 were fairly painful. Except Xen of course. Xen under FCx is a brilliant thing. So, if you're leaving Ubuntu, might you reconsider Debian? They're not _that_ dated.

    PS: These captchas are _not_ human readable.

  2. I dunno. I'd not really given it much thought to be honest. If I left Ubuntu I'd definitely give Fedora at least a try simply because I've never used it before. Deciding where to stay long term would be a challenge I'm afraid. I do have a feeling that the age of packages on Debian would be a problem, but I'd obviously have to give it a shot before I knew for sure.

    As for the captchas, yeah some of these are a real bitch. lol